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      Triple badge magnets

      Popular magnetic badge finding keeping your clothes Safe from Pin . No hole leaving in the T-shirt and Jacket again .It make badges easy to put on and take off . 3 Neo magnets are encased in plastic Backing , this badge magnets will be the best choose for people with metal allergies or sensitivities.
      Custom color and Logo Printing Service is Available

      Unique Feature:
      a variety of price points for different quantity range
      Huge magnets on stock -Over 500 K Pcs
      Super deliver time - 7 days under 50 K Pcs

      BM-001 Specification
      Item CodeDimensionPacking(/Ctn)Weight(/CTN)
      Material:ABS plastic with 3pcs Neodymium Magnets
      Magnet Dimension:D8*2mm
      Color Options:Navy Blue, Black, Green etc

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