2019-11-25 15:21:25

                        Why is demagnetization of NdFeB magnets?

                        We all know that neodymium iron boron magnet can absorb 640 times of its own weight. Large powerful magnets are easy to hurt people when they are used. Why is demagnetization of NdFeB magnet?


                        1. Demagnetization or demagnetization after injection. The minimum temperature resistance of ndfeb-n series is 80 ℃, while sometimes the injection temperature is basically above 120 ℃, so a short injection of 2 to 3 seconds may cause some demagnetization imagination.


                        2. Demagnetize the magnet after hot pressing, and often use fiberglass board for hot pressing, with the temperature above 150 ℃.


                        3. Demagnetize the magnet after baking.


                        4. There are too many impurities in the magnet material, resulting in weak magnetism. This is the common result of most small and cheap purchasers. Because the price is lower than three manufacturers. Mingming's customer's requirement is to use N35 brand. As a result, the poor manufacturers with ultra-low quotations use n28 and N33 materials. The customer can't expect to be able to detect them. If the quantity reaches 30K, can we use a fluxmeter to slowly measure it? (demagnetization occurs in six months in a short time, and in two months in a short time). It's really important to have a reliable and stable supplier. How is it possible to use N35 materials for you without that price? And some business magnets are used for packaging, anyway, it's OK to absorb, material waste is garbage.


                        5. The impact will lead to the resultant demagnetization of the magnet, such as high-frequency impact, etc. special care shall be taken during the transportation process.


                        6. The material contains metal oxide which causes the magnet to be powdered.


                        7. The magnet force of the magnet itself disappears or the N / S pole changes (demagnetizer and demagnetizer).

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