2019-10-28 17:28:09

                        What kind of magnet is a tool holder magnet?

                        The requirement of tool holder magnet is very simple, that is, it can absorb the tool, the tool does not fall off. But reality! Knife holder is a daily commodity, which needs to be promoted to seize market share. Malignant price competition is a common means of business. In order to make profit, it is natural to operate on the spare parts of the tool holder.


                        There's a lot of learning in magnets. Nd-Fe-B material is hard and brittle. It absorbs more than 600 times its own weight after magnetization and is very easy to absorb and knock. And magnets cannot be used for magnetic separation. Generally speaking, there are many bumps, which lead to wear and tear. The loss of coating and oxidation result in loss of magnetic force. First of all, the tool holder magnet is usually NdFeB with strong magnetism. The strong magnetism is always strong magnetism. In the early stage, it has high suction and high surface magnetism.


                        So NdFeB is easy to be corroded. Generally, zinc or nickel plating is required. Both galvanizing and nickel plating are silver-white, but nickel plating is brighter and more corrosion-resistant, and the cost is higher. The tool holder magnet is usually built-in, so galvanizing is naturally chosen to reduce costs. No ground for blame!


                        In summary, N28, N33 and N35 are all strong magnets anyway, so long as the tool is absorbed, OK will be achieved. Naturally, some people choose to take risks to customize the materials of N28 and N33. As a minor editor in the magnet industry, it is necessary to tell you. The magnetism of N28 and N33 meters is very strong, but very unstable. Perhaps the phenomenon of demagnetization will begin in two or three months. The optimistic point is half a year. Can you imagine that when you were cooking in the kitchen, the knife could not be sucked down?


                        So, choosing a magnet supplier, first of all, it is very important to have word of mouth, then it is due date, unit price that can be discussed slowly. That's the same sentence. Every Penny pays every penny.