2019-07-29 14:23:42

                        What are the disadvantages of NdFeB magnets?

                              Compared with ferrite,
                        NdFeB magnets has the characteristics of small size and light weight. The main use of NdFeB magnet is magnetic force. It is also anticipated that there will be no magnetic material to replace NdFeB magnets in the coming decades. But NdFeB strong magnets also have shortcomings. What are their shortcomings?

                        1. High temperature resistance.

                        N35, a common NdFeB material, can only withstand temperatures of 80 degrees. If high temperature resistant materials such as 180 degrees and 200 degrees are selected, the cost will be greatly increased.


                        2. Appearance defect

                        The appearance defects of NdFeB are mainly produced in the production process, such as edge knocking and scratches. There are also electroplating links. Such as bubbles, debris, sandstone and other situations.


                        3. Can't do many poles.

                        As Xiaobian knows, NdFeB magnets can not do multipole magnetization, such as 12 poles and 24 poles. But one customer said before that several could do it. The details are unknown.


                        4. Fragile

                        NdFeB magnets are fragile and rotten easily when dropped on the ground.


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