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                        What are the advantages of the square magnet?

                        Physical Properties of NdFeB Magnets (N35)


                        Remaining Coercive Force Intrinsic Coercive Force Large Magnetic Energy Product


                        Br (KGs) Hcb (KOe) Hcj (KOe) (BH) Max (MGOe)


                        11.8 to 12.5 to 10.8 to 12.0 to 33 to 37


                        What are the advantages of the square magnet?


                        (1) Because the forming process of square strong magnet is relatively simple, it is easy to produce in batches.


                        (2) The product is pressed by die, unlike the magnet prepared by powder metallurgy, which has sintering process and will not shrink greatly, so the dimensional accuracy of the product is relatively high.


                        (3) The product is made of quenched powder and can be changed freely according to the shape of the die.


                        (4) Square magnet products can be recycled. Because the products are made of powder, if the magnet is no longer needed, it can be crushed into powder and pressed into the desired shape.


                        (5) The product does not undergo sintering and shrinkage, so its specific gravity is relatively light. Bonded Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets have been widely used because of their advantages mentioned above, and their production is expanding rapidly.


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