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                        How to order stationery NdFeB magnets?

                        First, check whether the material and performance of the magnet is NdFeB magnet, whether the size and tolerance are wrong, the temperature adaptation of the working environment of the magnet, whether the surface treatment is galvanized or nickel-plated, etc.


                        NdFeB permanent magnets are rapidly developing and widely used because of their excellent properties, abundant raw materials and reasonable prices. It is mainly used in micro-motor, permanent magnet instrument, electronic industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, nuclear magnetic resonance device, sensors, audio equipment, magnetic levitation system, magnetic transmission mechanism and magnetic therapy equipment.


                        NdFeB magnets have high coercivity, and there will be no demagnetization and magnetic changes in natural environment and general magnetic field conditions. Assuming that the environment is suitable, the magnetic properties of the magnet will not be greatly damaged even after a long time of use. So in practical application, we often neglect the influence of time factor on magnetic properties.


                        There are many factors affecting the magnetism of NdFeB magnets, such as ambient temperature. Because sintered NdFeB magnets are very sensitive to working temperature, the instantaneous and continuous maximum ambient temperatures may produce different degrees of demagnetization for magnets, including reversible and irreversible, recoverable and irreversible. Temperature limitation of NdFeB magnets has led to the development of a series of grades of magnets to meet different operating temperature requirements. The maximum operating temperature needs to be confirmed before selecting NdFeB magnets.


                        During storage and transportation of magnets, it is necessary to keep indoor ventilation and dryness, otherwise the wet environment will easily cause corrosion of magnets. The ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the magnet; the non-electroplated products can be properly oiled and rust-proof when stored; the magnetized products should be stored away from magnetic sensitive objects such as disks, magnetic cards, tapes, computer monitors, watches and so on. The material of magnet is brittle, transportation, electroplating (coating), installation process, should ensure that the magnet is not severely impacted, if the method is not appropriate, it may cause magnetic damage, cracking; magnet should be shielded during transportation in magnetized state, especially in air transportation.


                        The magnet should be clean in the use process, otherwise it is easy to absorb small magnetic particles such as iron filings, which will affect the use; NdFeB material is characterized by hard and brittle, and its suction can reach more than 600 times its own weight, so it is easy to absorb and collide. For small specifications, attention should be paid to avoid bumping and breakage, and for large specifications, more attention should be paid to personal safety and protection.


                        There are three main parameters to measure the magnetic performance: Residual Induction, unit Gauss. After removing the magnetic field from the saturation state, the residual magnetic flux density represents the strength of the magnetic field that the magnet can provide to the outside; Coercive Force, unit Oersteds, is to place the magnet in a reverse external magnetic field. When the magnetic field is increased to a certain intensity, the magnetism of the magnet will disappear. The ability to resist the external magnetic field is called coercivity, which represents the ability to measure the anti-demagnetization ability. The magnetic energy product BHmax, unit Gauss-Oersteds, is the magnetic energy produced by unit volume material, which is a physical quantity of the energy stored by the magnet.


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