2019-08-02 15:30:09

                        How to Distinguish the Magnetism of Magnets

                        Magnets are a very common thing in life, but do you know how to distinguish the size of magnets of the same size?

                        In the first method, two magnets of the same size and specifications are placed on adsorbable planes, such as patches, blades, iron gates, and so on. The magnitude of magnetic force can be distinguished by hand feeling. Often the feeling is the right feeling. No matter what you want to do, feel is a very important feeling.


                        The second method is to use electronic scales: a magnet with weak magnetic force is generally related to its density. If the density is small, the magnetic force is relatively small. If the weight is heavy, the magnetic force is relatively large. On the contrary, if the weight is light, the magnetic force is small. That is to say, the heavier magnets are bigger. When measuring the magnets, they should be accurate to gram.


                        The third kind of Gaussian meter, the results of this test are more intuitive and clear, but it should be noted that when testing, the center of the magnet will be measured, and if a magnet edge, the position of the center of the magnet is inaccurate.


                        Testing magnet magnetism is usually measured by Gauss machine. Other testing methods include:

                        1. The Helmholtz coil test can test the whole magnetic flux of the magnet.

                        2. Hall effect detection, the conventional test method is reflected in the form of Gauss value. The principle is that the traveling wave tube inside the magnetic field shows Hall effect under the magnetic field.

                        3. Axial field description, which is used to describe the magnetic field distribution of magnetic combination.

                        4. Fixed suction test;

                        5. High-resolution measurements can measure magnetic field changes of one-hundred-thousand.


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