2019-09-27 11:06:32

                        How long does the magnetism of a special-shaped strong magnet last?

                        Permanent magnet is also called strong magnet, Nd-Fe-B and so on. It is an object that can keep its magnetism for a long time.


                        The position of strong magnet in modern industry is irreplaceable, and it is widely used in motor, electronics, mechanical equipment and other fields.


                        There are two main factors affecting the magnetism of strong magnets: temperature and oxidation. When the temperature exceeds the high working temperature range of permanent magnet, the magnetism of permanent magnet will weaken or even disappear; when the plating is damaged, the inner part will be oxidized, and the magnetism of permanent magnet will be weakened. If they are not exposed to any of these conditions, permanent magnets will still lose their magnetism, but this degradation is very slow, reducing by one percentage point every ten years, so as long as they are used correctly, there is no need to worry about magnet demagnetization.


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