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      Office Magnets

      Our office magnets are made from Neodymium Magnets all. Compare with common ferrite office magnets . It’s super strong indeed .

      Most of office magnets are covered by ABS plastic . It will provide follow advantages :

      Scratch protection: Delicate surfaces, such as whiteboards or magnetic glass boards, are well protected
      Waterproof: These magnets are rustproof and can be used outdoors as long as the plastic coating stays intact
      Friction: The plastic coat substantially increases the magnetic adhesive force in shear direction

      These Magnets Work On: Glass boards | Whiteboards | Refrigerators in office or home
      Attaches well to magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators & steel

      Round and Block Plastic Magnets

      Plastic magnet is powerful neodymium magnet enclosed in a durable plastic housing. As the magnet’s nickle plating is completely covered by plastic cover, these magnets are safe to use in harsh environments especially does well in the underwater application, also the magnet is very durable and will not chip or break from usage.